What is Selenium?

Selenium is an automation open-source testing tool that controls web browsers through programs. Selenium can work on all web browsers and all operating systems. It simplifies the testing across various web browsers using the Selenium web driver. With the help of a single interface, you can write test scripts in various programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, and C##.

The various tools in Selenium are:

  • Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Selenium RC (Remote Control)
  • Selenium WebDriver.
  • Selenium Grid.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language used for web development, gaming, operating system, mobile development, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and many more. It is an object-oriented, interpreted language that is easy to read and learn. Python has excellent libraries, packages, and documentation. Python language closely resembles the English language. Hence, it is easy to read.

What are frameworks?

A test automation framework helps organizations define tools, techniques, frameworks, and patterns to perform automation effectively and efficiently. The organizations can select from data-driven frameworks, keyword-driven frameworks, and page object frameworks. Organizations can also select a hybrid framework which is a combination of all the three.

Why do we need a framework?

A framework s needed to ensure that the scripts are maintained optimally. A framework provides a strategy to maintain version control, diagnose and audit the artifact created. The artifacts created should be useful while performing integration testing. A framework also helps to scale up the acceptance tests to verify and validate the software releases.

Is it good to use Selenium with python?

Selenium comes with a domain-specific programming language called “Selenese.” Python can

be used as a script test language. Python can automate unlimited tasks like reading/write

files, scrape data from websites, sending emails and texts, spreadsheet updation, filing online forms, API interactions, to name a few. Selenium web driver is convenient for scripting, and Python supports testers in a wide range of automation of tasks.

Advantages of using Selenium With Python Online Training

  • It is easy to run the script and execute as it takes less time in Python than in other languages.
  • Understanding the code flow is easy in Python as it uses indentation and not braces.
  • Many developers and programmers are used to python programming.
  • Python is a scripting language and can run a compiler to convert code from code lines to anything that has to be implemented.
  • Python API helps to connect with browsers with selenium. Selenium supports the commands of Python to various supporting browsers
  • The selenium Webdriver has a strong binding with Python, which creates easy user interfaces.
  • Python is faster compared to other programming languages and utilizes indentation to initiate and end blocks.
  • Both Selenium and Python have a large community to support the programmers and developers.
  • Selenium stays on top of all the testing tools, and there is no licensing cost.
  • Python is flexible compared to other programming languages.
  • Python uses dynamic typing compared to other languages.
  • Python is compatible with different languages; hence, when worked with selenium has its advantages.
  • Python is less verbose compared to other programming languages.
  • Python has some great automation testing frameworks, hence the best choice for automation testing and with selenium.
  • Selenium is versatile and can be married to the python automation framework.

Selenium-python frameworks

Some of the top frameworks are:

  • PyTest Frameworks: This is one f the most accessible and open-source frameworks for scalable test automation.
  • Robot Frameworks: This is a popular framework among developers for acceptance testing.
  • Behave framework: Behave framework helps the developers, programmers, and testers to perform behavior-driven development (BDD), agile methodology and supports automation testing.
  • Nose2 framework: This framework is for dock test and unit test. It is a successor of Nose.
  • Testify: This framework is an advanced version of the Unit test and is primarily used for integration testing and automation testing.
  • Lettuce Framework: This is a behavior-driven development based on python and cucumber.
  • PyUnit test: This is a standard selenium python testing for test automation.

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