I have had the pleasure of learning Selenium from Sudheera. She is a great teacher who develops inspiring relationships with her students. Her ability to connect with the students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics with very easy to understand example, are both truly superior. She also has excellent communication skills. I want to thank Sudheera and recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning selenium.
Preethi Srirambatla
Engineer QA at Pramati Technologies
Attending selenium training with sudheera was really a wonderful opportunity. she is always professional and knowledgable. In addition, she shares a lot of experience and knowledge during the training and does not stick to the syllabus only. Mam is open and willing to attendees experience. Gives us scope to learn more and explore. She is also very helpful and makes sure that makes her trainees feel comfortable as well, concentrates on each individual. you made me confident in writing selenium coding thank you so much mam. I recommend you for the people who are looking for the best trainer for manual and selenium you make them professionals
saritha pulimamidi
HR-Talent Acquasition at National Software Management
" sudheera mam was the best selenium trainer ,she showcases talent in the students with her lecture we had a very good training and she enhances and motivate students to give their best as a fresher I was very poor in programming after joining sudheera mam 's sessions I am good enough in automating the scripts .In the short span of 45 day session mam covered everything thing clearly and she gave a path of confidence to us to move in a successful and bright future. I strongly recommend sudheera mam was the best trainer I have ever seen in my career.
Amareswari kanaparthi
sudheer mam is the best trainer i have seen in my career. Thank u mam for make learning easy by covering varies examples ¬ just focussing on the basics of selenium
Bhargavi Mandadi
I should say the best faculty that I came through.. was very worried in my initial level to learn testing but when joined in the course the learning phases became so easy to gain more knowledge and confidence too. I would definite recommend this faculty.
Bandaru Ravindra
All in all a fantastic course. It was perfectly balanced between outorr and classroom activities. Whilst it was enjoyable and fun, I also learned a great deal about myself, my peers, and how to be an inspirational trainer. Sudheera Madam – what a stunner! Very informative, funny and managed to hold everyone’s attention for a full two hours.Speaks from experience and is very honest on what is okay and not okay.Mam was very inspiring and excellent at getting the information and knowledge across. Really great! Overall the course was excellent.
Vinayaka Reddy Kudala
Sudheera mam is the best trainer, As a beginner i am very much worried for learning automation but mam is the best for explaining concepts in a clear way in SELENIUM and APPIUM and we have a clear explaining of each and every concept so that we can learn very fast. Mam will help us to Learn with real time environment nd will be shown clearly nd explained. I strongly recommend mam for learning Automation with my experience.
Poojitha Katha
sudheera mam was teached very well.even if you have not basics in programing we can understand her teaching easily.And she can tune and build the confidence levels in students and also provide to her full support every one.she is in classroom user friendly to every one.
Prahaladkumar Mandla
Sudheera mam is the best selenium trainer.She makes sure everyone practices everyday's classes and that the subject is understood by everyone in her class. The notes she shares during the class brings confidence in us about the subject. Practicing her said classes and following her notes will never make you feel new to the subject at any point of time. She gives her valuable time to each and every student without any hesitation and helps in all aspects to understand the subject well. Her classes helped us to know the importance of Selenium. Thank you mam for making me understand the subject very well and easily and feel expertise in the subject because of you.
Laxmi Namratha
I Have taken training from SUDHEERA ADUSUPALLI Mam for SELENIUM ..She gives EFFECTIVE TRAINING by REAL TIME RESOURCES. Sudheera mam given for us,The complete understanding CLASS NOTES WITH MORE EXAMPLES during the course. That MATERIAL was really HELPFUL to me.It HELPED ME TO GROW from being an AMATEUR to a PROFESSIONAL..Mam classes are making me understand the need of knowing subject about SELENIUM..Thanq u Mam.
Jogi Rani
Sudheera mam is a very good trainer and makes sure everybody learns the subject and gives lots of examples and scenarios which makes us learn easily. Thank you for your time and dedication.
Maitreyi Kakade
The Selenium course taught by Sudheera was very educative and helpful. It helped me learn about Selenium even though I did not have any prior knowledge on automation testing. Regular day to day practice is the key to remember Selenium concepts. A basic understanding of Core Java concepts will help you to understand Selenium better.I definitely recommend Sudheera to students who are genuinely interested to learn Selenium.
Aruna Putcha
Sudheera mam is the best trainer I have ever found. She has great knowledge in Selenium. She has immense knowledge on what she is teaching and with good and understandable examples.
Arunkumar Aousula
As a person with no testing knowledge,after attending sudheera mam class i can say that she is the best faculty anyone could wish for...who builds our confidence level in all aspects... From the begining to till the end she will be always there for us to explain and clear the doubts with lots n lots of patience...Thank U mam..
Sudheera mam is the best trainer ,, i have seen in my career.As everyone wants a trainer who is very friendly and supportable with whom you are comfortable. Yes sudheera Mam is like that only. I am not a technical background student who has a very silent knowledge in programming. But she made selenium to learn so easy that now i am confident to face every challenge in the selenium.
Lagnajeet Maharana
Test Analyst at Infosys
Sudheera is best training consultant for Selenium in Mind Q Systems. As a beginner ,I was very much worried about learning automation through Selenium.But she made all the concepts so clear that it increased my confidence level. She has got rich experience towards subject and covers all the advanced topics in selenium which can help students to learn concepts in a real time environment. I would recommend everyone to join Sudheera's class to get best learning experience of automation testing using Selenium. Get trained from Sudheera if you are looking for a very good career in Selenium.
Prasanna Rayapudi
I have had the opportunity to train 1-1 under Sudheera mam for Selenium + Java. She is great mentor who helps not only in teaching the concepts but also help us by giving insights about the interviews. Her quality of teaching is pretty high and always try to make the concepts easily understandable for the students. I would strongly recommend for training under her for the courses she offer.
Santosh Dasari
Somesh is programming expert and very skilled in python and Django. Good communication and lot of clarity. Best person to learn python and Django. Explains with many examples. Has a clear view of latest market trends and technologies as well. The best person to teach python. He has great patience.
Chaitanya SS
Sudheera is such an amazing mentor. She always strives to give her students the best learning opportunity she can. She takes time to create a safe, interactive, and hands-on learning environment to ensure that each and every one of her students has mastered the concept before the end of class. There is no single thing I can point to when asked for Sudheera’s best quality, she is an all-around amazing, flexible, and intelligent teacher. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience allowing me to work with Sudheera and with Varnik Technologies.
Rishika S
Sudheera is a good mentor, professional with positive attitude. Her way of teaching is very good by making students to do hands on in the class itself. It brings confidence in students and students will feel like the concept is known at that moment itself. She will give tips about the interview questions while covering the concepts.I am happy that I learnt 'Selenium with Java' with Varnik, Sudheera as mentor.
Lalitha Chetlapalli
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