Final Year Students - Enroll for

Hands On Experience

Dive into practical tasks and projects that are relevant to your career aspirations. Gain firsthand experience that will set you apart in the competitive job market.

Skill Development

Enhance your skill set through specialized training sessions and workshops. Learn the latest industry tools, techniques, and best practices to stay ahead of the curve.


Connect with professionals and peers in your field. Establish relationships that could lead to future job opportunities, collaborations, and lifelong friendships.


Our program offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate your academic commitments and personal responsibilities, ensuring a balanced and manageable workload.


The duration of the Internship is
8 Weekends
( 2 Months )


After successful completion of internship, a certificate is awarded from
Varnik Technologies

Who Can Apply?
We welcome applications from eligible students and recent graduates to gain practical experience in their chosen field. Whether you’re interested in Chatbot, Healthcare or Travel Agency to choose for internship positions caters interests and career paths.

How to Apply?

To apply, Fill the below form  / contact us on the given numbers.

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